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Dental Insurance
  • Most companies now offer dental as a separate policy when you buy a medical plan


  • You can also buy a stand-alone dental policy


  • If you have an HSA medical policy, you can use your HSA dollars for dental care, even if you don't have a dental policyIf



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Vision Insurance
  • ​Some medical plans provide vision coverage, others provide it for an additional premium


  • Vision coverage generally provides one eye exam per year and a set dollar amount for hardware/lenses/contacts.


  • Medical conditions with your eyes are covered under your medical policy.



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Dental & Vision


Strange as it may seem, many medical plans do not automatically cover vision or dental coverage.  Some carriers make vision and dental coverage available as an addition to your medical plan or as a separate policy.  There are also companies that offer only dental or only vision.


Stand-alone dental and vision plans can be purchased at any time.  They are not subject to open enrollment.

Delta Dental and VSP now offer a Dental/Vision option through Delta Dental.  Click on the Delta Dental link and you will have the option to add a Vision Plan after you select a Dental Plan.


Everyone’s situation is different.  We can help you figure out which plans fit your particular needs.  We help you look at your doctors, your health needs, your lifestyle and your budget.  We will help you narrow down your options to the ones that make the most sense for you.


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