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How do you obtain health insurance?


  • Buy coverage directly from an insurance company during open enrollment


  • Buy coverage on the Washington Healthplanfinder during open enrollment


  • Receive free coverage through Washington Apple Health if your income is low enough


  • Health insurance may be a benefit your employer provides. You will most likely pay a percentage of the premium.


  • Stay on your parent’s policy until you are 26


Did you miss open enrollment? Can you still get insurance?


  • You may be able to qualify for a special enrollment period.


  • Qualifying events include:  losing your job (and health coverage), getting married, having a baby, moving to the state, and many others.


  • We can help you determine whether or not you have had a qualifying event.  It never hurts to ask!

I'What if you don’t have insurance?



  • There is no longer a tax penalty for not having coverage.

  • Unless you qualify for a special enrollment period you cannot buy coverage.  


Health Insurance 



Do you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period?
Life changes may allow you to enroll in a new plan.  You must report the change prior to it happening or within 60 days of loss of coverage.

Want to work with me on your account on the WAHealthPlanFinder?
I will need a signed Consent Form found HERE.



As a self-employed freelancer, I've been working with Cindy for at least  5 years and she has made navigating the often confusing  world of health insurance easy and simple.

-Dave B., Mazama, WA



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