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How do you obtain health insurance?


  • Buy coverage directly from an insurance company during open enrollment


  • Buy coverage on the Washington Healthplanfinder during open enrollment


  • Receive free coverage through Washington Apple Health if your income is low enough


  • Health insurance may be a benefit your employer provides. You will most likely pay a percentage of the premium.


  • Stay on your parent’s policy until you are 26


Did you miss open enrollment? Can you still get insurance?


  • You may be able to qualify for a special enrollment period.


  • Qualifying events include:  losing your job (and health coverage), getting married, having a baby, moving to the state, and many others.


  • Short term policies for 30-90 days can be purchased at any time


  • We can help you determine whether or not you have had a qualifying event.  It never hurts to ask!

I'What if you don’t have insurance?



  • There is no longer a tax penalty for not having coverage.

  • Unless you qualify for a special enrollment period you cannot buy coverage.  


If you don't have coverage and missed open enrollment, consider Short Term Medical Insurance.  It is limited in scope and doesn't meet the federal requirements, but it can provide catastrophic coverage prior to the next open enrollment.

Health Insurance 



Do you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period?
Life changes may allow you to enroll in a new plan.  You must report the change prior to it happening or within 60 days of loss of coverage.



As a self-employed freelancer, I've been working with Cindy for at least  5 years and she has made navigating the often confusing  world of health insurance easy and simple.

-Dave B., Mazama, WA



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