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Do Health Insurance Premium Payments Scare You?

Tarantulas are scary. Who knows what they are going to do. I'm a city girl, and I still remember going to Mexico as a teen and seeing a tarantula - yikes! You may be the type who would try and scoop it up and make friends with it, but not me. I want them as far from me as possible.

If you have had billing problems with the Washington Helathplanfinder, you may have similar feelings. Who knows where the payment went, or why your insurance company doesn't have it yet. The Exchange was one more place for your payment to get lost, misapplied or messed up.

Whether your experience paying for health insurance through the Exchange was good or bad, the Exchange has gotten out of the payment processing business. September 23 was your last opportunity to pay the Exchange for your health insurance. The Exchange shut down over this past weekend to update their system, and from now on all payments will processed directly by your insurance carrier.

How do I pay my insurance premium?

Every insurance company is ready, willing, and able to accept your premium payments. They have been doing for a long time, and know how to process your payments. (Hooray!) Click HERE for information on paying your premium, including mailing addresses and pay by phone.

If you prefer to pay online, here are links to some of the major carriers:

What about my tax credit?

You still will receive your tax credits. They will be sent to your insurance company by the Exchange. Please make sure that you keep your income up to date on the Exchange. The Exchange will not be accepting your payments, but it will be involved in calculating your tax credit and calculating what your premium will be.

Where will my bills come from?

Your insurance carrier will now be sending your monthly bills. If you like e-bills, automatic drafts, pay by phone, or other methods of paying your bill, please contact your carrier to find out what's available to you. In general, you can expect your first bill to be a paper bill in October, and at that point you should be able to choose an option that suits your needs.

My account on the Exchange is still a mess! What should I do?

At Hagen Insurance Partners, we want to make sure that your billing issues are resolved. We are working with a number of clients to help track billing and enrollment issues, and make sure that they are corrected. The Exchange placed a high priority on fixing these issues prior to the billing turnover, but many are still outstanding. If you have a problem with your billing and haven't been in contact with us, please let us know. We want to help! We will work with you, the Exchange, and your carrier to make sure your accounts are reconciled properly.

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